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Pisco sours in Peru with Plum Warner

After a tough stint fielding in the scorching 35°C heat of the Peruvian sun the sign felt a mirage. Not unsurprising, really, given Lima is right on the cusp of the Atacama Desert –… Continue reading

Skyscrapers and US air bases

It is, we were told proudly, the strongest cricket scene in the Americas south of the Rio Grande. Every Sunday afternoon, an entire park in Panama City is taken over by cricket, as… Continue reading

Cricket’s Marathon Man

Miguel Villalta is best known in El Salvador as one of the nation’s leading marathon runners. But he has another string to his bow. In a Twenty20 match for his country against Guatemala… Continue reading

The other Antigua recreation ground

No sign of Sir Viv Richards in the colonial city of Antigua in Guatemala, but cricket was played here recently. A mixture of expats and Guatemalans enjoyed Sunday afternoon matches at the former… Continue reading

Throwing a curveball

Meet Rodrigo Martinez, who used to play baseball to a professional level – but who fell in love with cricket after going to watch a Big Bash game in Australia. Now he spends… Continue reading

Stumped for answers? Not likely!

Before we headed off on this little adventure we were interviewed by Alison Mitchell for the BBC World Service programme, Stumped. The full interview will be broadcast on the Friday November 20, and… Continue reading

The oldest living cricketer in Central America?

The second stop on our journey took us south from Cancun, and ever so briefly out of Latin America. Belize, which won full independence in 1981, was the last British possession in the… Continue reading

‘You’ll need a machete to play the cut shot’

As we approached the nets of Cancun White Tigers CC, on the outskirts of Cancun, the opening scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark the nets of Cancun White Tigers CC sprang to mind.… Continue reading