Pisco sours in Peru with Plum Warner

The CricketersAfter a tough stint fielding in the scorching 35°C heat of the Peruvian sun the sign felt a mirage. Not unsurprising, really, given Lima is right on the cusp of the Atacama Desert – the driest (non-polar) desert in the world.

Of course, countless pubs in the UK have cricket connections. Not least the famous Bat & Ball Inn in Hambledon which was once the cricketing centre of the universe.

Indeed, an excellent book by Anthony Collis and Geoff Wellstee, called Inns and Outs, lists many of them.

Although your intrepid travellers were not expecting to find many, indeed any, in Latin America.

Pelham Warner

But inside the grounds of the Lima Cricket & Football Club (LCFC), is a quintessential cricketing boozer, ‘The Cricketers’.

Adorning the walls is a fine collection of photographs from some of the more famous visitors to this cricketing outpost.

Chief among them is a wonderful picture of the MCC’s match against LCFC on February 6, 1927, part of Pelham Warner’s tour of South America.

As well as typical Peruvian food you can also get fish and chips. Naturally beer is in abundance, however the tipple of post-match choice for many is the Pisco Sour.

The moreish drink was invented by an American in the 1920s, or Englishman in the 1870s – depending on who you believe.

Cricketers Menu
Sadly no record exists as to whether Pelham Warner, Gubby Allen, Lord Dunglass (Sir Alec Douglas-Home, the future British prime minister) or any of the rest of the touring party ever did partake of the beverage.

Although with the MCC having beaten LCFC XI by an innings and 89 runs they would certainly have had plenty of time for a celebratory drink or two.

Inside The Cricketers