Pasties aplenty in Pachuca

Cornish pasties? In Mexico? What a treat.

In the city of Pachuca and the town of Real del Monte – a two-hour bus ride east of Mexico City – there was an influx of Cornish as the British revived silver mining in the region in 1825.

By the 1830s a large Cornish community had established itself in of area, and is still reflected in its architecture.

The Cornish also brought cricket with them to the twin mining settlements, and while the game sadly fizzled out the delicious pasties live on in the region.

These days there is a pasty museum in Real del Monte and since 2009 they have held an annual pasty – or paste in Spanish – festival.

If you’re lucky the recipe will be a traditional one cooked by the descendants of the Cornish who, while Mexican, still carry surnames such as Rabling, Ludlow, Skewes or Rule.

Rest assured, they taste delicious, cured Montezuma’s revenge and aren’t liable to be taxed by George Osborne.DSC_0313